• Summer 2017 Mixed Case

Summer 2017 Mixed Case

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Hellooooooo summer! We're so happy to have you! Now, onto the most pressing next detail: How to refresh our heat-wilted little palates. 



And a good amount of it. 

We present to you The Summer Mixed Case 2017! All the goods you need for pool parties, summer salads, Friday afternoons on the porch, camping in the woods, waterfront wandering, and so on and so forth. These 12 wines represent our own staff's top picks for the season with our descriptions of ideal opportunities to enjoy each selection--all for over 10% off normal retail price. Check out the full list below, and snap your case up before they're gone!



Featuring top picks from the entire Bay Grape staff!


Stevie’s pick for summer salad…

Pink inspiration from Provence.

Pigoudet Premier Rosé Aix en Provence 2016: Niçoise, anyone?! Throw all your fresh potatoes, tomatoes, string beans and herbs into a tangy vinaigrette, pop this utterly gorgeous pale pink bottle, and call your evening parfait, chérie.


Stevie’s pick for pre-partying…

The right-hued rosé to make you feel beautiful.

Casa Rossa Ile de Beauté Rosé Corsica 2016: Corsica is known as the “Island of Beauty.” And anything implying “beautiful” is just what you want when you’re getting made up for a night out! Not to mention, this is that perfect shade of pale pink.


Molly’s pick for the pool party…

Bahh bahh white wine, have you any cheese?

Tiberio Pecorino Colline Pescaresi 2015: Sporting the same name as the cheese (pecora means sheep; in this case because sheep graze between the vines), this ancient variety grown in Abruzzo is likewise salty and bracingly delicious.


Molly’s pick for camping in the woods…

Spicy Sangiovese from the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Beauregard The Lost Weekend Santa Cruz NV: I mean, the wine has a cabin in the woods on the label. How suggestive can you get? And it tastes like wild berries, cedar and graham crackers. The only other thing you need is a campfire!


Josiah’s pick for Friday afternoon on the porch…

A rosy nod to Mary Jane.

Lioco Indica Rosé Mendocino 2016: No. There’s no weed in the bottle, but it’s still a nice way to finish the week and a real crowd-pleaser you can share with friends. Just be sure they pass the bottle on the left-hand side…


Josiah’s pick for floating down the river…

Precious sipping pearls.

Belluard Les Perles de Mont Blanc Ayse NV: Made from a local traditional variety called Gringet, this refreshing, minerally sparkler is as pure as the pow-pow most snowboarders/skiers associate with the region’s neighboring Alps.


Davis’s pick for drinkable activism…

Zesty, textured, principled yet quaffable.

Uphold Cellars White Wine for the Planet California 2016: Ryme Cellars already makes some of the most beautiful wines in California. Now they also make some the most conscientious. This is lithe, agile Vermentino, and 100% of the profits are donated to causes that protect and preserve our country’s natural resources and protected lands. BOOM.


Davis’s pick for waterfront wandering…

A little Adriatic action.

Borgo Paglianetto Petrara Verdicchio di Matelica 2015: Verdicchio is a bright, white Italian grape almost exclusively grown in Italy’s seaside region of the Marche. Drinking it is like tiptoeing into the ocean to grab that perfect seashell!


Delia’s pick for a post-strawberry-picking afternoon…

Succulent, light, floral red.

La Grangette Cocoriko Piquepoul Noir Côtes de Thau 2016: French roosters go “Cocorico!” This wine is like waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to the happy scent of summer bouquets and fresh fruit popsicles from the ice cream man.


Delia’s pick for [insert reason] to celebrate…

Playful pink party bubs!

Filipa Pato 3B Extra Brut Rosé Beira Atlantico NV: Baga and Bical from Bairrada! These Portuguese varieties are always down to party from sun up ‘til sun down, while winemaker Filipa Pato keeps a seriously tidy biodynamic vineyard.


Nicole’s pick for warm tomatoes ripening in the sun…

A tangy, round, unexpected Hungarian.

Patricius Dry Furmint Tokaj 2014: Though it’s from a grape used in the famous dessert wines of Tokaj in Hungary, this is fermented to totally dry. It’s fresher than fresh and pairs with everything singing in summer, especially that caprese!


Nicole’s pick for firing up the parrilla

Ripe dark and red fruits laced with spices.

Catena Lunlunta Malbec 2014: Argentina knows what’s up when it comes the grill, so it’s no surprise that their bold reds pair so well with all things meaty and charred. This one’s from a total icon producer, grown at 2,785 feet elevation!