Natural Wine: But What’s It All Mean? - Full Series Class Pack

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“Do you carry any natural wines?” they ask…

Ah, natural wine! Is there any term more buzzed about today, more batted around, more hotly debated, more ambiguously confusing than NATURAL WINE?

There’ve been more articles written than we can count, entire import portfolios have been built around the nebulous style, and some seriously feisty disagreements are happening on folks’ Facebook walls over the definition of natural wine and the culture that’s grown around it.

All the debate led us to wonder: Is it possible to have a bipartisan conversation about natural wine? We’re here to try!

Join us for a brand new, eight-part class series dissecting natural wine’s history, culture and implications for the broader world of wine as a whole. Oh yes, we’re going to get realllly geeky, and there may be some fiery discussion as we outline concepts like sustainable, organic and biodynamic viticulture and winemaking; highlight key tenets and sticking points of what it might mean to make natural wine versus conventional wine; hear from producers in both camps provide arguments for opposite approaches; examine the rhetoric of what’s natural; identify common characteristics of natural wines; and learn how to find what you want both in terms of principle and style.

In each class of this series, we'll taste four wines while we learn from industry experts and winemakers.

Due to the unique nature of these classes and the special opportunity to hear from the experts teaching, we are offering a limited number of Full Series Class Packs for $199. We strongly encourage you to purchase one or go in on one with a friend!


Full Series Class Pack

The class pack guarantees you a seat at the communal table for any and every Natural Wine series class you'd like to attend (September 9-October 28) for just $199--that's almost 30% off regular, per-class pricing! Buy the Full Series Class Pack here!

Classes take place every Sunday from 3-4pm September 9-October 28; you can read about the lineup of teachers and topics below!


Individual Class Purchase

In lieu of the Full Series Class Pass, individual class admission is also available for purchase ($35) the day of class beginning at 1pm. You may call or show up beginning at 1pm in advance of the 3pm class to add your name to the class list

Class Schedule

September 9

Introducing the series: defining organic, biodynamic, sustainable and natural

Led by: Stevie Stacionis with Vinny Eng, Wine Director of Tartine Manufactory


September 16

Notions of “natural”: strict definitions and defining a flaw

Led by: Fabio Altariva of Fattoria Moretto and Anthony Lynch of Kermit Lynch Wine Importer with Josiah Baldivino


September 23

Picking sides: why wineries do or don’t get certified

Led by: Chris Deegan of Sacred Thirst Selections and Michelle Novi of Napa Green


September 30

The culture of natural wine: the making of a lifestyle

Led by: Bradford Taylor, owner of Ordinaire Wine Bar


October 7

All about biodynamics: mystical or matter-of-fact?

Led by: Pam Strayer of Demeter


October 14

Banking on natural: building a business around ideology

Led by: Nadia Dmytriw of Floraison Selections and Tess Bryant of Tess Bryant Selections


October 21

On winemaking: how wineries make tough choices

Led by: Ryan Stirm of Stirm Wines and Brad Hickey of Brash Higgins


October 28

Checking the pulse of the public: how does the consumer get what they want? 

Led by: Esther Mobley, wine writer for the San Francisco Chronicle