Won't You Be My Neighbor? Monthly Tasting

Last Tuesday of every month, drop in anytime 6-9pm; 4 wines, $20

Our thumbs are sore. Yours, too? In tribute to the old-fashioned idea of real life community, we're hosting a monthly neighborhood mixer designed to bring our amazing guests together: face-to-face and glass-to-clinking-glass! No texting, no liking, no swiping necessary. We taste four wines for $20 in this drop-in-anytime, walk-around style tasting. There's even a cheeky conversation-starter question featured each month in case you get stuck. 

Get to know your neighbors so it's not so weird when you ask to borrow a cup of sugar. Learn who else likes running the Cleveland Cascade steps in the mornings. Maybe even find someone to use that Lake Merritt Gondola Ride for Two coupon with! Bring a friend. Or don't. Because our wine shop is SO not welcoming, everyone else who comes to Bay Grape is weird, and drinking wine makes conversation so awkward. Wink, wink.

Come on. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Would you be mine? Could you be mine?