The Three-Six-Nine Wine Club

Three HECKA good wines. Sixty-nine bucks a month. Join us!

Here's how our Wine Club works:

1) We pick three of our current favorite wines--what we want to drink most in a particular month. Let's just say that if you came home with us and we wanted to show you a good time, these are the bottles we'd crack.

2) We give you notes on each wine: why we're so-crazy-right-now in love with it, when and where to drink it as well as what to pair with it. 

3) You pay $69 (plus tax) once a month, then come grab your wine at a pickup party on the first Tuesday of the month! (We'll send you a reminder about the pickup, too.) That night, we'll open and pour the wines so you can taste each one and fall in love. The pickup party tastings are always free for wine club members; anyone else is also welcome to taste for $15... bring a friend! 

4) Subscriber benefits:

  • Our notes about featured bottles, including stories about the producer, region, grape variety, suggested pairings, and what makes the wine so special to us
  • Complimentary tasting at pickup parties on the first Tuesday of the month
  • 10% discount on all other wine bottle purchases at Bay Grape
  • Full member benefits and policies are available to members here

Ready to have a good time??

Subscribe now!

Note: New orders are always due by the last Tuesday of the month, for pickup parties on the first Tuesday of the month. You can also gift the wine club to a friend! Just reply to your order confirmation email with the name and email address of your recipient, and we'll take it from there. We are now offering shipping on our wine club, too!