Saturday Tasting Flights

Our Saturday Tastings are low-key, drop-in tastings (1:00-9:00pm; no reservations needed) featuring a flight of three wines for $15. We pour the wines for you along with brief, educational tidbits so you can learn a little while you imbibe.

Upcoming scheduled tastings:

  • March 16, 1:00 - 9:00 pm: Carry On, Carignan — Here’s a well travelled grape you probably haven’t gotten to know so well. It probably originated in Spain, where it goes by a few different aliases. Chances are you’ve been drinking it in blends from the south of France and just didn’t know it. Lately, we’ve been seeing some killer versions, especially from here in California, making us do a double-take. - $15

  • March 23, 1:00 - 9:00 pm: By the Blood of Jove! — In Italy, Sangiovese is king! The name is derived from sanguis Jovis, so basically it’s the top god’s blood. It is the most planted grapes of all of Italy. It is the lead grape in most of Tuscany’s premier regions, and it make starring appearances throughout much of the rest of the country as well. In Corsica it takes the alias Nielluccio, and it’s been starting to pop in delicious examples elsewhere as well. Come in and try three. - $15

  • March 30, 1:00 - 9:00 pm: Floating Along the Loire — The Loire is one of France’s most diverse and interesting regions. It’s also known as the “garden of France” and is crazy picturesque, with storybook châteaux dotting the landscape. The region follows its namesake river for over 600 miles, from the northern center of the country all the way out to its mouth at the Atlantic. The wines change with scenery, resulting in a diverse set of grapes and styles. Join us as we float along. - $15

  • April 6, 1:00 - 9:00 pm: Surprising Semillon — Here’s an underdog grape if ever there was one. In the white wines of Bordeaux, this grape adds texture and weight to the crisp freshness of Sauvignon Blanc. In Australia, it makes everything from light, easy drinkers to dense and powerful, ageworthy whites, to the famously sweet “stickies.” Here in California, we’re just starting to tap this grape’s potential. Join us for three expressions of this grape variety. - $15

  • April 13, 1:00-9:00: Coastal Croatian Journey Croatia’s beautiful coast has rightfully gained fame in recent years as a top travel destination. You may not know, however, that they’re also making distinctive wines, lovely enough to match the scenery. One might even consider them regal, as the coastal city of Dubrovnik was also the main location for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, coming back tomorrow night(!!). Come try three wines and take one home to enjoy as you dive into the final season. $15

  • April 20, 1:00-9:00: Spring Feasts — Whether you’re celebrating Easter, Passover, or are paying homage to the goddess Ēostre, we’ve got the perfect wine to pair with your favorite Spring dishes. Come try three options and toast the start of Spring. - $15

  • April 27, 1:00-9:00: France's Wild West — The Southwest corner of France is full of little known treasures. This beautiful region is hidden in plain sight between the Pyrénées Mountains, Spain to the south, Bordeaux to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. A slew of distinctive grapes offer up interesting options in white and red (and other colors in between), and you’ll often find areas offering wines similar to those of Bordeaux but without the hefty price tags. - $15

  • May 4 --- CLOSED for the Bâtonnage Forum! Check out more information here and here, and get your tickets here!

  • May 11, 1:00-9:00: Because Moms Deserve it — You know you don’t call as often as you should. If you’re a mom yourself, you probably don’t treat yourself as often as you should, either. It’s time to celebrate moms--or those who have acted as mothers to us--everywhere! And they definitely deserve something a little extra special. After all, you owe them your life! Come in and try three wonderful bottles made by moms that we also think Mom will love. - $15