Saturday Tasting Flights

Our Saturday Tastings are low-key, drop-in tastings (1:00-9:00pm; no reservations needed) featuring a flight of three wines for $15. We pour the wines for you along with brief, educational tidbits so you can learn a little while you imbibe.

Upcoming scheduled tastings: 

  • June 10, 1:00-9:00pm: Loire Valley B-Sides - The Loire Valley has been rocking it lately: The region is full of super sommelier darling wines, all fresh and earthy and singular, whether from Muscadet to Chinon to Sancerre or in between... but today we take a look at those varieties not yet in regular rotation, signaling mad value and fascinating flavor profiles. - $15
  • June 17, 1:00-9:00pm: Break out the Barbecue - Surely you've broken out your barbecue by now, and you've likely got the charcoal, rubs and sauces all set. But do you have wine? We've got you covered on three perfect bottles ideal for sipping alongside the smoke. - $15
  • June 25, 1:00-9:00pm: On an Island in the Sun - Sunshine, sea surf and swimsuits aren't the only refreshing things you can find on islands... there's amazing wine, too! We'll taste one wine from three different islands today as we plan our next island getaway. - $15
  • July 1, 5:00-9:00pm: The Great Can-Can Party! - The next great idea is here, and it comes in a CAN! Canned wine has slowly been making its way to market, but 2017 has to be the year that it really took off. We don't know what took so long! If craft beer can do it (heh heh, get it can do it), so can we! These wines are great, fun, easily crushable and don't taste at all like tin--we promise. We're featuring five producers' canned wines at this walk-around style tasting. $25 at the door gets you tastes of all five plus your very own Bay Grape koozie! The line-up: Wrath, Alloy, Companion, Ferdinand, Scribe. - $25