Saturday Tasting Flights

Our Saturday Tastings are low-key, drop-in tastings (1:00-9:00pm; no reservations needed) featuring a flight of three wines for $15. We pour the wines for you along with brief, educational tidbits so you can learn a little while you imbibe.

Upcoming scheduled tastings: 

  • August 5, 1:00-9:00pm: Changing Thoughts on Chile - If you haven't stopped to re-consider Chile lately, we're here today to strongly suggest you do so! There's a huge influx of exciting producers getting serious about planting more mindfully of microclimates, working more sustainably in the vineyards, and bringing the best techniques to their cellars. We're thrilled to feature three of our new favorites that show how seriously you should take Chilean wine these days. - $15
  • August 12, 1:00-9:00pm: Riled Up Over Rías Baixas - It feels like the region of Rías Baixas in Spain could be a sister to San Francisco: It's so frequently shrouded in mist and fog that the native people of the area have more than 70 words for "rain."  Luckily, abundant sun shines often enough to ripen grapes into wines that have totally captivated us of late (seriously, three of our favorite wines in the shop right now come from Rías Baixas). C'mon while we explore Green Spain's geography and geology and figure out what makes these wines so damn delicious.  - $15
  • August 19, 5:00-9:00pm: IT'S OUR THREE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! - Wowwwwwww!!! We feel incredibly honored to have established ourself in what may be the very best city on Earth, to get to serve what are likely the very best guests in the world, and to share with y'all what we're sure are the absolute best wines, beer and cider available to man. In honor of your support to us over the last three years, we're throwing a huge Around the World Party featuring Bay Grape's Greatest Hits - Year 3. Join us at this drop-in, walk-around tasting featuring our most popular bottles from this year in all colors and styles, hailing from all over the world. We're also raffling off a ton of awesome prizes including large-format bottles, Bay Grape swag, and even a framed photo of our precious, famous mascot. The party runs from 5-9pm, and you can drop in anytime! Tickets are $25 at the door. Bring a friend--or five! Can't make it between 5 and 9? We'll also be pouring sparkling wine flights for $15 from 11am-5pm. Hope to see you to celebrate!
  • August 26, 1:00-9:00pm: Waterside Sippin' - It's the best time of year for sipping poolside, lakeside, seaside or riverside. Before summer's "over" (nahhh), we're featuring three wines that are both made near large bodies of water and are also coincidentally--er, it's not at all coincidental!--ideal for waterside enjoyment. - $15
  • September 2, 1:00-9:00pm: ROSÉ 4 LIFE - You know how we roll. We could care less about silly conventions that say you're not supposed to drink pink after Labor Day. Still, this weekend feels like the right time to flaunt how wonderful rosé is on any and all occasions. We're featuring three completely different selections that show off the breadth and range of styles this color is capable of! - $15