Saturday Tasting Flights

Our Saturday Tastings are low-key, drop-in tastings (1:00-9:00pm; no reservations needed) featuring a flight of three wines for $15. We pour the wines for you along with brief, educational tidbits so you can learn a little while you imbibe.

Upcoming scheduled tastings:

  • July 6, 1:00 - 9:00pm: Mid-Year Bubbles Break — Why should the winter holidays get all the fun? Bubbles are so thirst quenching on a hot, sunny day, they’re the perfect thing to drink right now. Plus, they come in such a wide array of styles (and colors!), they can satisfy any summer soirée. We’re about half way through the year AND other things will be popping off this red-white-and-rosé weekend, so there’s no need to wait! - $15

  • July 13, 1:00 - 9:00pm: Pitching a Tent: Smoky, Oaky, and Rustic - With summer already in full bloom, we may find ourselves driving along the coast, seeking out that ideal camping spot with a loved one, or sitting around a bonfire with friends. The only thing that could make our outdoor adventures just that much more perfect is a phenomenal wine pairing. From backyard sleepovers to epic redwood adventures, these wines will be sure to help you pitch a tent. ;) - $15

  • July 20, 1:00 - 9:00pm: Anything but the Basics - We have that one friend who insists on drinking the same type of wine every time, and it breaks all of our hearts. No matter whether it’s you yourself that’s the picky drinker or someone close to you, we propose switching out those go-to Chardonnays for a sneaky Viognier, or sneaking a Frappato into the Pinot Noir mix. Like any experiment, results may vary in terms of getting out of that comfort zone, but no matter what, this tasting promises you'll have fun while shaking things up. - $15

  • July 27, 1:00 - 9:00pm: The Cheapest Date - Wine and romance often go hand in hand. There are countless love stories that have started over a bottle of 2009 Joseph Drouhin Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Mouches. Sounds hella nice, right? But let's be honest: Most of us are on a pretty tight budget. So this weekend, we've put together some wines to help you impress that cutie you can’t stop thinking about. Put down the Carlo Rossi, step away from the Stella, and fall in love without breaking the bank. - $15

  • August 3, 1:00 - 9:00pm: ¡MEXICO! - With vines first planted in the 16th century, Mexico is a melting pot of grapes with a winemaking culture making some serious advancements. While some may have flashbacks of Tequila shots, smokey Mezcals, and various easy drinking beers when thinking of Mexico, we invite you to vive un poco, and try the diverse and unique Mexican wines that are gaining popularity in today's wine community. - $15