Monday Blind Tasting Class

Every Monday, we host a relaxed, social Blind Tasting class from 7:00pm-9:00pm. This is a sit-down class with a sommelier, generally geared toward introducing students to "wine tasting" vocabulary and how to pick out and describe what you see, smell, taste and feel in a wine in preparation for blind tasting. 

  • 6 wines (poured blind) for $30
  • Limit 12 seats--first come, first served. Sign-in sheets are set out at 5pm every Monday, and you can call us or come in anytime after 5pm to provide payment and secure your spot. Seats fill quickly!
  • More advanced students or studying somms are also welcome to blind taste independently between 12pm-6pm Mondays; we provide a deductive tasting form to follow and six classic wines for $20 (evaluation and timing is available by request/appointment). The same wines are used for the class at 7pm. Any other time of the week, we are also happy to select and sell "classic" wines for blind tasting studies and tasting groups. Sommeliers, please provide us with your budget, and we will sell the wines blind; we are also happy to open them and pour blind on-site.