Posted: Oct 30 2018
by: Stephanie Stacionis

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Wine Basics Series at Bay Grape--Because You're Anything But Basic

You're not basic. Neither should your wine knowledge be!

Join us in ringing in the new year with our Wine Basics Series, a seven-part sequence of classes covering all you really need to know about wine, including: 

  • * Why is wine the most interesting beverage in the world? What genius culture started this whole wine thing? And are you serious that people spend $20,000 on a single bottle?
  • * Are "minerality" or "terroir" or "site specificity" actually real things or just ambiguous concepts wine snobs throw around to sound douchey? 
  • * Is climate change real making wine better?
  • * What's up with that tasting room dude waxing poetic about malolactic fermentation, concrete eggs and foot-stomping?
  • * Is it wrong that my wine smells like poop? (Is it wrong that I secretly like it?)
  • * What does my sommelier mean when he says the wine tastes "pixillated and poppy"?
  • * I live in what they call a "junior one bedroom" and definitely don't have a cellar. Can I just keep this bottle under the bed? Or, I passed out and left a half-drunk bottle of Champagne on the floor last night. Is it bad now?

We'll start this series delving into the history of wine and its modern-day cultural context, then we'll dive into discussions of terroir, including geology and climate. From there, we'll discuss winemaking techniques and styles of wine before finishing our series with discussions on tasting, describing, buying and storing wine. Each class will be formatted as an interactive, open discussion led by a Bay Grape staff member alongside four wines chosen to highlight the week's conversation. Think of it as the best college integrative seminar your school never had. 

Due to the sequential nature of this series, we strongly encourage interested students to purchase the Full Series Class Pack which guarantees you a seat at the communal table for all seven classes for just $149 (that's over 25% off individual class pricing!). Students purchasing the Full Series Class Pack will also receive a PDF booklet of class materials and a special graduation gift at the end of the series! 

Purchase the full Wine Basics Series Class Pack here at discounted pricing! 

Individual seats and standing room tickets for each class will still be sold, as available, at regular price ($30) on the day of class (sign-ups open at 1pm for class at 3pm). To secure a spot at any single class below, you may call or come into the shop the day of class beginning at 1pm. Class starts at 3pm. Due to demand, spots may be standing room only, but ALL attendees will be allowed to participate and will receive wine. Questions? Email

Planned Class Schedule:

January 13, 3:00pm: History of Wine--Why Care?

January 20, 3:00pm: Terroir Part I: Geology and Geography

January 27, 3:00pm: Terroir Part II: Climate and Climate Change

February 3: MIDTERM BREAK, aka Super Bowl Sunday – No Class

February 10, 3:00pm: Cellar Part I: Winemaking Techniques

February 17, 3:00pm: Cellar Part II: Styles of Wine and Winemaking Flaws

February 24, 3:00pm: Tasting and Debunking Confusing Wine-Speak 

March 3, 3:00pm: Buying, Storing, Opening and Serving Wine


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