Posted: Nov 22 2016
by: Delia Sie

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Seasonal Pairings: November 16, 2016

Heads up, vegetarians! We’re featuring two all veggie recipes and two off-the-beaten track wines to pair with your Fall cravings. One is an Austrian Blaufrankisch made by two sisters in collaboration with Blue Danube Wine. The other is a white Rioja make to go with dill and potatoes. Join us for a tasting of both wines for only $10!

Recipe: Glazed Shiitakes with Bok Choy from New York Times

Pair with: Pfneisl Blaufrankisch Burgenland 2015 ($15)

The Pfneisl family’s kinda a big deal in Austria. But for the Pfneisl sisters, following in the footsteps of their dear winemaking pops and uncle was less appealing than doing their own thing in Hungarian vineyards. They were making some bomb wines on their own and have only started putting in more time at the Austrian estate with the rest of the fam. Blaufrankisch is a classic Austrian red variety that’s a little mushroomy and a little blood orange-y. It pairs oh-so-well with this umami-filled dish of glazed shiitakes and crunchy bok choy. And we can hardly believe it’s just $15 on our shelves! Pick up a bottle today!


Recipe: Potatoes with Dill Butter from Epicurious

Pair with: Inteus Rioja Tempranillo Blanco 2014 ($21)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a potato in the company of dill must be in want of a good wine. For a snappy, no-brainer dish to bring to a potluck or family dinner, whip up some boiled potatoes and toss on the dill butter. When the heat of the fork tender potatoes melts the butter and warms the dill, you’ll be in comfort food heaven. We suggest having this bottle of white Rioja by your side when the meal is ready. You see, wines from Rioja in Spain are often made with New American Oak barrels that have a tendency of imparting some dill-like flavors into the grape juice. This wine is rich and round but not without good acidity to balance. Winemaker Luis Palacios is an organic grower and producer whose father planted the first organic vineyard in Rioja in 1980. Today, he is responsible for some 150-year-old vines growing in a desert of red clay. Do see if you can pick up on those dill-y flavors!


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