Posted: May 16 2017
by: Delia Sie

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Seasonal Pairings: May 16, 2017

Heat up your grill, chop up those CSA veggies and crack into these two biodynamic wines. Try them both for $10 today!


Recipe: Smoky Black Bean Burgers from Minimalist Baker

Pair with: Zélige- Caravent Ellipse Pic Saint-Loup 2011 ($15) 

As it gets warmer, more nights will be spent outside. You’ll want to have this handy dandy veggie burger up your sleeves for those nights when the moon is out and flaunting its dreaminess. This recipe transforms sweet beets, savory beans, and umami rich mushrooms into a delicious medley of earthy flavors.

To complement, here’s a casual but thoughtfully produced red from a modest biodynamic project in the Languedoc region. Luc and Marie farm 25 little parcels of vines. There’s a delicate touch to their biodynamic farming - instead of machines, horses till the rows between vines, and grapes are gently hand-pressed after careful sorting. This wine is comprised mostly of peppery and plummy Syrah with some brambly Carignan and floral Cinsault.


Recipe: Grilled Potato Salad with Mustard Seeds from Food and Wine

Pair with: Champ Divin Soleil Blanc Savagnin Jura 2015 ($53)

Warm weather is incomplete without having at least one meal involving potato salad! But to add some excitement to this commonly creamy dish, we’re hooking you up with a more vinaigrette-driven recipe equipped with lip-smacking acidity and spicy mustard seeds. Scallions will add crunch and freshness to the dish. It only seems fair to pair this unique recipe with a one-of-a-kind wine.

The alluring Jura region, aptly named for the Jurassic soils that characterize the land, has no shortage of delicious wines. The star grape, Savagnin, is often transformed into nutty style of white wine called Vin Jaune. But for this recipe, Champ Divin’s Savagnin shows off a gentler side – a fresh, tropical, and clean profile fit to entertain novice and trained palates alike. If you aren’t already acquainted, Champ Divin is worthy checking out. Husband and wife, Fabrice and Valerie Closset-Gaziaux, are two trusted sustainability consultants who have helped growers in the Loire Valley and Africa move toward organic methods before they started their own winemaking project. Perhaps their wines will inspire you to try new recipes and getting closer to nature.



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