Posted: Jun 20 2017
by: Stevie Stacionis

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Seasonal Pairings: June 21, 2017

Signs of the sumptuous weeks of summer are arriving in our boxes with tomatoes and apricots and even summer squash arriving today! We figure you've got plenty of new ideas for what to do with these fresh babes. On the other hand, we're being blessed with ever more carrots and beets for another week in a row, and for those, we figured you could use a little inspiration...

Recipe: Spiced (and Chilled!) Carrot Soup with Lime from New York Times Cooking

Pair with: Leyda Sauvignon Blanc Leyda Valley 2016 ($13)

Cool as a cucumber carrot! That's what you'll be when you bring this spicy, citrusy, herb-flecked cold soup to the dinner party this sweltering week. Especially if you bring it along with a citrusy, herb-flecked cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. The Leyda winery was literally the first to plant grapes in their little neck of the woods, so they got their own Denomination of Origin label; their little neck of the woods is now officially known as Leyda! We love the grassy accent and almost smoky minerality of this particular example of Sauvignon Blanc as well as the way its lime and grapefruit notes play to the lime and spice in the cool soup. 

Recipe: Pickled Beets and Hard-Cooked Eggs from Saveur

Pair with: Joshua Cooper Doug's Vineyard Pinot Noir Macedon Ranges 2015 ($44)

Not your typical Australian Australian! Joshua Cooper's wines are on the cutting edge of Oz's natural wine scene, looking to leave all those associations of over-ripe, over-oaked, critter-label wines behind. This is Pinot made in a decidedly Burgundian fashion, restrained in fruit and delicate in texture, but then tweaked by a certain fascinating salty-sour funk that shows off its hands-off winemaking. All things natural fermentation being so hot right now, we figured this unexpected beauty was just the type of wine to pair with the unexpected beauty of colorful, pink pickled eggs. Bonus points for the color of the wine matching the color of the eggs!


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