Posted: Jun 13 2017
by: Delia Sie

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Seasonal Pairings: June 14, 2018

One wine from dino-land and another from the motherland of orange wines… This week’s CSA pairings will get you cooking some light and quick recipes while satisfying your need for great wines you can’t normally get your hands on. Come on in for a $10 tasting or to pick up a few bottles so you can replicate restaurant-style pairings at home!


Recipe: Apricot and Ricotta Tartines from Food and Wine

Pair with: Font Mars Rosé Clemence NV ($13)

Easy to whip up, pretty to look at and quickly devoured, these apricot ricotta tartines are the perfect treat for a sunny day lunch. Font-Mars rosé has just the slightest hint of sweetness that compliments juicy grilled apricots and the creaminess of fresh ricotta. If you notice the dinosaurs on the label of the bottle, they are not simply there for zaniness, but are there to reference the fossilized dinosaur eggs that have been found in the soils of this Languedoc vineyard. Due to the deliciousness and easy-on-the-wallet price of this bottle, everyone’s dying to get their hands on a bottle. We’re proud to say we’re one of the only shops in the west coast that nabbed these for our shop!


Recipe: Carrot, Cabbage, and Kohlrabi Slaw with Miso Dressing from The Spruce

Pair with: Ronchi di Cialla Friulano Collio 2014 ($20)

If you’ve hung around us enough, you’ll know that Bay Grape’s got a bit of a thing with the wine region of Friuli-Venezia-Giullia. This Northern Italian region, just on the border of Slovenian, is where German, Slavic, and Italian wine culture converge. There’s a notable amount of international varieties grown here, but also a lot of love and pride for indigenous varieties like Friulano and the ever-hip Ribolla Gialla responsible for skin-contact orange wines. Despite the deep-rooted traditions of amphora wines and the juxtaposition of innovative winemakers emerging from here, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia remains very underrated. But We’re hoping to change that!

 One producer to know is Ronchi di Cialla, a winery started by Dina and Paolo Rapuzzo in 1970. They really rep this region by working with indigenous varieties. This particular Friulano has a slight savory note and a tart lemony zing that really compliments the umami-rich miso dressing of this kohlrabi, carrot and cabbage slaw. Together, they will become summer staples!


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