Posted: Jun 27 2017
by: Delia Sie

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Seasonal Pairings: July 28, 2017

Long hours of sunshine means you better whip up some corn chowder and throw some burgers on the grill. We're posting two recipes that make good use of your fresh CSA veggies and pouring two versatile staples you'll love sharing with all your sunny day weather buddies. Come by for a taste of two for $10!

Recipe: Cheddar Corn Chowder from Ina Garten

 Pair with: Tyler Chardonnay Santa Barbara 2014 ($38)

Summer’s not complete until you’ve got at least one big bowl of corn chowder. Creamy and sweet, this soup needs just a smidgen of tartness for balance. Justin Willett’s Tyler Chardonnay adds just that. The vineyard sits in the valley between Sta. Rita Hills and Santa Maria Mountains, some of the only mountain ranges that run east to west rather than north to south. Because of this geological feature, cool Pacific winds are funneled inland, keeping vineyards cool and the grapes tart. This is good news for thirsty days with creamy corn chowder. 


Recipe: Pork Burgers with Peppers from Martha Stewart

Pair with: Aplanta Red Blend Alentejano 2015 ($10)

Portugal does a whole lot more than Port and Vinho Verde. Their red table wines are amazingly scrumptious with salame, smoky grilled burgers and charred vegetables. It’s likely there’s grilling in your near future as the fourth of July approaches - a couple bottles of this red blend of Aragonez and Alicante will get your ready for it.

After spending a few months in French oak barrels, this wine developed some woodsy spiciness familiar to lovers of Argentinian Malbec and oaky California Cabernet. Aragonez is a tad floral and keeps things pretty as the peppers do for this burger. In the meantime, be sure to come by for a taste! 


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