Posted: Jul 13 2016
by: Delia Sie

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Seasonal Pairings: July 13-14, 2016

Summer is a time for reconnecting. And there’s no better way to do it than through shared wine and recipes! Coincidentally, both wines featured in this week’s tastings are named after the winemakers’ mothers. So bring your mom down to Bay Grape for a tasting! 

Recipe: Sweet Summer Corn Soup from Epicurious

Pair with: Massican Annia Napa 2015 ($34)

There’s Napa Cab and there’s Napa Chardonnay. But did you know there’s also Napa Ribolla Gialla and there’s Napa Tocai Friulano? Not many people do. Winemaker Dan Petroski, however, has been making a killer wine from these grapes since 2009 when he founded Massican. For Petroski, Ribolla Gialla and Tocai Friulano are tied to his Italian heritage. So instead of stacking up the big bucks from famous Napa Cabs and Chardonnays, Petroski dedicates Massican to making white wines that are true to his passion, and he names Annia after his mother.

For this wine, the grapes are often picked before they are extremely ripe. They do not undergo malolactic fermentation (which is a common practice that creates buttery creamy chardonnays). This wine is amazing with sweet corn soup. It’s full-bodied enough to hold up to the creamy texture of corn while its citrusy acidity adds a refreshing finish just in time for your next spoonful.


Recipe: Lamb, Tomato, and Mint Kebabs from Martha Stewart

Pair with: Irene Red El Dorado 2015 ($30)

Toss some spiced lamb and cherry tomato kebobs on the grill and crack open a bottle of Irene from the Sierra Foothills! Tomatoes taste sweeter when grilled, and this Mourvedre and Syrah blend is juicy and bursting with red fruit that complements this dish like sunshine complements barbecues!

We adore this wine not only because it’s the perfect embodiment of summer but because the winemaker is just the type of person you’d wanna invite to a BBQ. Despite his impressive array of wine experiences from harvests in New Zealand to being Cellar Master at Copain, Brian Jessen’s just a down-to-Earth guy who happens to love grapes. Brian’s wife, Katelynn, paints the elegant labels with watercolor, and the wine is named for Irene, his mother who passed away when he was young. Inside this bottle is Syrah sourced from 35 year-old vines in Fenaughty Vineyard and Mourvedre from head trained vines in Neighbors Vineyard. The fruit gets lightly foot-treaded before native yeast fermentation and seven months aging in neutral barrels. Together, these grapes provide just enough tannins to match the oily succulence of the lamb and just enough fruit to go with the tomatoes. Come by for a taste today!



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