Posted: Jan 11 2017
by: Delia Sie

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Seasonal Pairings: January 11, 2017

Full Belly CSA is back again! For our pairings this week, we’re featuring two simple recipes with a Corsican red and a luscious Grenache Blanc from Russian River. Come by for a taste of both for just $10!


Recipe: Sausage and Cabbage from New York Times

 Pair with: Rouge de Marquiliani Ile de Beaute Corsica 2015 ($26)

A two-hundred-year old vineyard had burnt down and was abandoned for twenty years before the Amalric family purchased the land in 1950. Today, the vineyard has some wonderfully old vines that were planted in 1964. Along with being a highly revered winery, the domaine so happens to produce the best Corsican olive oils from trees that Anne Amalric planted in the 90s. The Rouge de Marquiliani is very floral and pretty, with just a hint of black pepper spice and herbaceous aromas to make a simple dish like sausage and cabbage feel like a million bucks. This is a match made in heaven that you can whip up on any ol' weeknight. 


Recipe: Winter Squash Potato Gratin from New York Times

Pair with: Rootdown Grenache Blanc Russian River Watershed 2015 ($26)

It’s pretty hard to improve on a classic potato gratin, but this recipe is just so darn delicious; we couldn’t resist sharing it with you! Winter squash adds a smidgen of sweetness and a softer texture to the warm and gooey scoops of potatoes cooked in cream. To cut through the rich flavors, Rootdown’s Grenache Blanc offers a refreshing rush of acidity, accompanied by notes of fragrant white flowers and juicy citrus. If you’ve enjoyed Pinot Gris in the past, but you’re looking for a little more oomph to get cozy in the winter with, Grenache Blanc may be your new best friend.

Winemaker Mike Lucia makes all the wines at Rootdown and got his start as assistant winemaker at Copain in Healdsburg. We’re keeping our noses out for all of his gorgeous wines!





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