Posted: Feb 14 2017
by: Delia Sie

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Seasonal Pairings: February 15, 2017

If you're cooped up and ready for Spring, here are two super fresh recipes and wines that'll make you feel like the sun is out and flowers are a-bloomin! Come by to taste a South African red and a Spanish white today for just $10 and try these wines with the following recipes!

Recipe: Rack of Lamb with Baby Turnips and Mint Salsa Verde from Bon Apetit

Pair with: Elemental Bob Cosmic Hand Pinot Noir 2015 ($41)

There are no tricks to serving up this classy meal. Baby turnips give the dish sweet and savory component and the mint salsa freshens everything up. To complete the meal, we suggest a bottle of Elemental Bob’s Pinot from South Africa. Craig Sheard who’s nicknamed Farmer Bob, has been making wines since 2004, when he was still in Elsenberg College for agriculture. His philosophy is to make wines that show “soul” and possess a bit of an Old World identity. Sheard makes his wines without filtering or fining, so you’ll certainly get a bit more texture when you drink it. While this wine is recognizably Pinot in its strawberried, red fruit jaminess, there’s something more going on, too. It’s a wine that’s thought-provoking and complex without coming off as snooty and overdone. It goes great with a rare rack of lamb and those earthy turnips. So make sure you grab a bottle!


Recipe: Mashed Carrots and Potatoes from New York Times

Pair with: Benito Santos Godello Monterrei 2015 ($18)

Godello is an indigenous variety found in Northwestern Spain. There, Benito Santos grows a few vineyards, some of which are protected by the Romanesque Church. These vineyards are just 500 meters away from the Atlantic Ocean, where the growing grapes are nurtured by cooling winds on granitic and slaty soils. These 25-year-old Godello vines are made into a super versatile, easy-drinking wine. Tropical and floral notes are perfect for your Spring cravings and days that are just warm enough to eat outside. The subtle sweetness of carrots and potatoes go really well with this wine’s easy-going nature. You’ll want to keep it around as a staple from here on!


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