Posted: Sep 13 2016
by: Delia Sie

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Seasonal Pairings: September 14, 2016

Fall is coming! We’re looking forward to apple-picking and those warm orchard flavors. To get a fix now, we found a recipe for salmon and swiss chard that goes perfectly with a skin-contact white wine from Fruili in northern Italy. This is one of the original birthplaces of orange wines!

To go with late summer tomatoes, we’re thinking of roasting them to emphasize their umami flavors. A north coast Barbera is juicier and bolder than Barberas from Piedmont, Italy. Come by Bay Grape to try both wines for just $10!


Recipe: Slow-Cooked Salmon with Turnips and Swiss Chard from Bon Apetit

Pair with: Ronchi di Cialla Ribolla Gialla Friuli Colli Orientali 2014 ($20)

Salmon is not like most fish. It is fatty, rich, and creamy when cooked perfectly. Add a side of swiss chard and you’ll look like a chef. Add a bottle of Ribolla Gialla and you’ll look devilishly tasteful. Ribolla Gialla is a grape commonly found in northern Italy and just across the border in Slovenia. Traditionally in these parts, this yellowish grape is made into a skin-contact wine sometimes referred to as “orange wine”. Unlike other white wines, orange wines have a grippier texture and fuller body, which holds up to a fattier cut of fish without veering into the heaviness of red wines. Dina and Paolo Rapuzzi founded this Friulian estate in 1970 and allow their grapes to macerate on the skins for a full day before fermenting it in stainless steel and on the lies (yeast) for three months. The wine smells of yellow apples, pears, crusty bread and stony minerally. Get a head start on Fall and try this pairing for yourself! 

Recipe: Oven-Roasted Tomato Caprese from Serious Eats

Pair with: On Farm Barbera California 2014 ($21)

Roast your tomatoes for a twist on Caprese salad! Because cooking your ‘maters makes them sweeter and richer, we’re looking at a California take on an Italian grape. Barbera from On Farm is bolder and riper tasting. Hints of dried black cherry, raspberries, and black plum makes this wine perfect for your late summer tomatoes and your transition to a cozy Fall cravings.



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