Posted: Aug 31 2016
by: Delia Sie

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Seasonal Pairings: August 30, 2016


We're still in love with summer and everything that goes with grilling and gazpacho. Here are two fun wines to accompany you through hot days. Come by and try both for $10! 

Recipe: Grilled Eggplant Lemons Garlic Lebneh from Bon Appetit

Pair with: Rolet Arbois Tradition Rouge 2011 ($23)

Eggplants don’t have to be mushy. Through grilling, they can finally realize their sturdier flavors and texture. A dash of zatar for crunch and spice and a side of refreshing yogurt sauce tops off this dish nicely. We’re drinking Rolet’s Tradition Rouge made from all the classic grapes of the underrated region of Jura. Jura is more known for its quirky, age-worthy white wines made from special surface-fermenting local yeasts. But their reds are seriously delicious too. Four siblings tend these grapes and see that their wine emerges earthy, savory, and a bit like dried leaves and dried cherries. Whether you’ve got a fireplace, a hot grill, or just a wine glass, this is the wine to drink.


Recipe: The Best Gazpacho from New York Times

Pair with: Calabretta Cala Cala Bianco Terre Siciliano 2015 ($21)

Gazpacho for weary souls, gazpacho for brunch, lunch, and sipping while lounging outside. This recipe is so easy that you could almost do it with your eyes closed. With tart and sweet summer tomatoes, we’re looking to Calabretta’s Cala Cala Bianco from the ancient volcano of Mount Etna in Sicily. Here, summers get so hot that temperatures often exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the Grillo grape is indigenous to this area, it retains snappy acidity despite all this heat. The Calabretta vineyards can be found 3,000 meters above sea level where the last four generations have been growing grapes alongside olive trees and fruit orchards. It’s the perfect wine for days that are too hot for you to fire up the stove and prefer to enjoy a cold bowl of gazpacho.



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