Posted: Jun 29 2016
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: June 30, 2016

We're a little nostalgic this week. Two years ago, we offered our first CSA box pickup tasting--before we were even open for business as a wine shop! Our space was still under construction, but as a way to get folks excited and to show off gorgeous summer produce, we let people into the shop on Thursday nights to see our progress and snag their box from Capay Valley Farm Shop.

Today marks our very last CSA box "Pickups & Pairings" tasting from Capay Valley Farm Shop; they're growing, and with their growth have decided to stop offering weekly, direct-to-consumer delivered CSA boxes. While our hearts are heavy with the news, we're excited about the new possibilities ahead! Full Belly Farm, who supplied much of CVFS's weekly contents already, has agreed to consider adding our shop to their list of pickup sites... if enough people subscribe. So for now, please enjoy this last week of CVFS, and please pop over to Fully Belly's website to say you'd like to subscribe! You'll get a fresh box of local, seasonal, organic produce delivered to Bay Grape weekly (or bi-weekly if you prefer), and you can pick-up with us as well as snag our wine pairings! Thanks for the great time, CVFS. xoxoxo

Recipe: Stuffed Pattypan Squash from

Pair with: Krater Cellars Cabernet Franc El Dorado 2014 ($30)

This recipe feels a little awkward and unconventional at first, and so perhaps does the story of two guys who met at a tiny liberal arts college in Maryland deciding to go make wine in California. Then you taste--the food as well as the wine--and whatever judgments you may have had fall aside, because damn if it isn't delicious. For the recipe, it's hard, we suppose, to go wrong with stuffing bacon and cheese inside of anything (squash included). The creamy, mild exterior of the squash is a perfect vessel for the salty savoriness of bacon and Parmesan. Likewise, this Cabernet Franc takes the happy, ripe, unoffensive fruitiness of California wines and perks it up with the signature, herbal pepperiness of the Cab Franc variety. There's just enough acidity in the wine to keep bacony-cheesy things fresh and just enough fruit in it to keep the subtlety of squash interesting. 

Recipe: Grilled Corn and Tomato Salad from Martha Stewart 

Pair with: Enfield Wine Co. Citrine Chardonnay California 2014 ($30)

There's no way to go besides all-American here. It's Independence Day, y'all! And while we fire up the grill and char up some of our country's favorite crop, we certainly ought to drink our country's favorite grape. There's no denying it: That's Chardonnay! This bottling from Enfield does Americans of all tastes proud, straddling the line perfectly between a buttery, totally Cali style and a minerally, très French style. John Lockwood knocks this one out of the park, crafting a wine that's got depth and textural richness--with just a touch of creamy butter in the background to complement the grilled corn--yet is spiked with flashes of tangerine, Meyer lemon curd and Mandarin orange to push back against the acidity in the tomatoes. 


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