Posted: Jan 06 2016
by: Delia Sie

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CSA Box Pairings: January 7, 2016

Welcome back veggie fanatics! It’s time for the first CSA pick-up of 2016! Here’s how to start the year right with a few simple recipes and happy pairings!


Recipe: Roasted and Charred Broccoli with Peanuts from Bon Apetit

Pair with: Wei Chi Semillon Luchsinger Vineyard Lake County 2012 ($21)

Check it out, it’s broccoli, your favorite miniature-tree that doubles as food! This recipe calls for a touch of acidity from rice vinegar, satisfying umami from a sprinkle of nutritional yeast, and filling protein from a handful of crunchy peanuts. To go with your new favorite broccoli recipe, we picked out Wei Chi’s Lake County Semillon 2012.

Semillon in known for its delicious tart citrusy qualities, which go magically with the bright zingy-ness of the rice vinegar. The grape’s waxy and creamy texture also plays nicely with the rich peanuts that give your broccoli more to brag about. This wine is also New Year Appropriately becase winemaker Erin Pooley makes her wine based on the philosophy of constant change. She names her label “Wei Chi” which means “before completion” in a classical Chinese text because she never believes that change ever ends nor a wine ever stops growing. For that reason, her most current release is from 2012, a Semillon that’s finally ready for the drinking! Sip as a reminder that progress is constant and patience is rewarding! 


Recipe: Shredded Pork in Ancho-Orange Sauce (Chiloriofrom Serious Eats

Pair with: Pavo Real Red 2012 ($15)

Now for a spicy escape from your winter woes, we’ve picked out a taco recipe that’ll keep your stomach cheery! We also decided that fatty pork simmered in fresh-squeezed orange juice and spicy ancho chilies is the way to go! With Pavo Real’s Vino Tinto, nothing can hold you back from your dreams of summer time. And in case you’re wondering, this wine is a precious rare bird from Mexico!

While many wines from Mexico are victim to the hot sun and overripe fruit that makes you melt into a big jar of gooey jam, Pavo Real sets itself apart by creating a more toned down and elegant structure. It's no coincidence that the producers had consulted Master Sommelier Ian Coble with all the right questions, like how do we keep such a big wine tame? What you end up with is a juicy red that’s  both complex and earthy, with just enough tannins to keep your fatty pork in check. 



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