Posted: Dec 10 2015
by: Delia Sie

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CSA Box Pairings: December 10, 2015

If there was a mantra for pairing wine with food, it would be something like: What grows together goes together! For some holiday cheer, have some Panettone with a dessert wine from Northwestern Italy, then warm up with garlicky goat cheese and roasted turnips with a light and fresh Loire red. Yum and yum.

Recipe: Panettone with Candied Fruit from Epicurious 

Pair with: Bera Moscato d'Asti Piedmonte 2013 ($25)

If your guests find your holiday decor as unimpressive as your lazy house cat, perhaps you should try making a labor-intensive but oh-so-delicious Panettone! Nothing earns you holiday points like fresh-baked candied-fruit bread. Sun-dried peaches from your CSA will also add a special summer kick to the citrus candies in the bread. Moscato D’Asti, a dessert wine from Piedmont, is a classic pairing. Bera makes this wine from organic grapes grown on steep southeast slopes of ancient oceanic soil. Instead of using harsh chemicals, Alessandra Bera and her winemaking brother Gian-Luigi plant legumes to enrich the soil with nitrogen (for healthy roots!). Floral, pretty, fruity, and sweet—there’s no better way to end the year! And yes, everyone will be impressed with your delicious Panettone. 


Recipe: Turnips Roasted Garlic Goat Cheese Sesame from Bon Appetit 

Pair with: Philippe Tessier Cheverny Rouge 2014 ($22)

Turnips hardly ever get the attention they deserve. But when served with a creamy roasted garlic goat cheese sauce, you’ll want a really good wine to match. Tessier’s Cheverny Rouge is perfect. It's got a fresh red fruit acidity that compliments your tangy goat cheese. After all, both this wine and goat cheese are from the Loire Valley. Together, they make a power couple of deliciousness. Philippe Tessier is also a fantastic winemaker whose 23 hectares receive scrupulous attention. Carbonic maceration (meaning the grapes start fermenting before being crushed) heightens the fragrant aromatics of the wine, and the neutral oak barrels don't keep you from tasting the terroir. Your turnips will heartily thank you for helping them realize their life purpose.


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