Posted: Dec 03 2015
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: December 3, 2015

Whoa, winter! It's freezing out and pouring rain today. Time to burrow into some warming food and wine...

Recipe: Warm Duck and Orange Salad from Jamie Oliver

Pair with: Becker Pinot Noir Germany ($22)

Duck and orange were made for each other--the rich, warm fattiness of the former providing the perfect foil for the tangy refreshment of the latter. This salad feels both healthy (it's a salad!) and deeply warming and satisfying on cold days like we're having. Pinot Noir is the most obvious and amazing pairing for duck, while the bright acidity plays kind of like an orange, and the light body doesn't overwhelm what's basically a light-bodied red meat. The Becker family are right on the Alsace/Pfalz (French/German) border. While they technically identify as a German estate, half their top vineyards are actually on what's (at least for now historically) the French side of the map. The wine delivers a bit of old-world structure (great acidity, a certain tautness) with new-world fruitiness that makes everyone happy. 


Recipe: Gyros with Radish Tzatziki from Food Network

Pair with: La Ferme Saint Pierre Ventoux 2012 ($14)

From the Southern Rhône comes this full, stewy, soft and slightly stinky red that makes us want to hunker down and stay in for the night--the same way the gamey, rich lamb roasting away in the oven makes us feel. Ignore the rotisserie suggestion given in the recipe for the leg of lamb, and just stick that sucker in the oven for a good long time with a bunch of rosemary, onions and carrots. Tis the season for fireplaces and Netflix while big hunks of meat melt into juicy oblivion. With gamey lamb, you want a red that's round and fruity and pleasurable. Paul Vendran of La Ferme Saint Pierre delivers just that! He took over his family's estate from his father (once the mayor of Ventoux!) and began making wine from the grapes his father sold off to the local co-op. He likes warm, filling, soft and satisfying wines, and this is exactly that. The radishes in the tangy tzatziki give the gyros a little spicy kick that's also beautifully softened by the Grenache grape here. 


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