Posted: Dec 01 2015
by: Stevie Stacionis

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Christmas Tree Decoration Donations for Oakland Youth Chorus

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!! We're giddy over the holiday season around here. Our fireplace is cranking; our hearts are open; our garland, lights and tree are up... and now we need your help decorating it!

For us, the holiday season is tightly linked with giving back: helping others, building up our city and growing a more positive, engaged community. We began a tradition last year that was a really a fun way to donate to a local organization, and this year we want to continue it...

We'd like you to help us decorate our tree. We're supplying the materials for you to design an ornament--clear bulbs, cloth, yarn, burlap and other crafty bits. You donate $5, then dive into the craft box to assemble your own unique tree ornament. Hang it up on our tree, and help make Oakland even more awesome and beautiful. All proceeds from the ornaments this year go to the Oakland Youth Chorus.

About the Oakland Youth Chorus

The Oakland Youth Chorus provides multicultural music education and community performance opportunities to young people from diverse backgrounds throughout Oakland. As many schools have had to cut music and arts education funding from their curriculums, OYC steps in to provide opportunities for engagement in the arts, to offer service- and performance-learning experiences that foster creativity and confidence, and to connect singers across neighborhoods. 

Founded in 1974, the Oakland Youth Chorus (OYC) is the longest running youth chorus in the East Bay. Our work focuses on creating and sustaining programs of high educational and artistic merit that are accessible to and supportive of children and youth from all backgrounds.

OYC welcomes and serves all children and youth, celebrates their cultures and unique strengths, and connects them to each other in the East Bay to use their voices for change needed to bring harmony to our world. We accomplish this through joyful and affirming music education and performance programs that focus on musical excellence at all levels while nurturing the development of the whole child. Community performances provide opportunities for singers to connect across neighborhoods, foster greater community engagement, and engage in the arts as service learning experiences.

OYC singers develop self-confidence, respect for the music of several cultures, strong friendships and community engagement, and a lifelong love of music.


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