Posted: Nov 12 2015
by: Delia Sie

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CSA Box Pairings: November 12, 2015

Can you even stand the beautiful freshness outside?! And we're nearing Thanksgiving! Heads up that the week of Thanksgiving, CSA boxes will be delivered on Tuesday instead of Thursday. For now, here's what we're eating/drinking this week...

Recipe: Pomegranate Persimmon Salad with Warm Goat Cheese from

Pair with: Pipeño Coronel de Maule 2015 ($18)

Drink it while it’s young! Pipeño is a traditional Chilean wine made fresh and juicy from Pais (aka Mission) grapes. This particular bottle comes from 100+ year-old vines organically and dry-farmed. The resulting wine is plenty complex, despite its youthfulness. Bright acidity goes well with the perky nature of pomegranate seeds. Yet it’s a red wine just light enough to not cover up the subtleties of slightly tangy warm goat cheese or the just-sweet flavor of perfectly ripe persimmons.

Recipe: Creamy Lettuce Soup from Food Network

Pair with: Scholium Project The Prince in His Caves CA 2014 ($45)

Little gem lettuce is like the cuter, sweeter cousin of good ol’ fashion romaine. But before you chop it up and toss it into a salad, listen to your chilly-weather-cravings for a bowl of hot soup! To balance out a creamy lettuce soup, you’re not looking for just any typical Sauvignon Blanc. You’re looking for a wine that’s got the freshness of green veggies as well some weight and texture. May we recommend Scholium Project’s The Prince in His Caves? It's the perfect blanket-hugging, couch-lounging, soup-sipping accompaniment. Skins, seeds, and stems are all thrown in the mix so that the wine’s got some weight and tannins. You’ve got Abe Schoener (quirky, philosophical, experimental winemaker) to thank for your new favorite cold-weather Sauvignon Blanc.





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