Posted: Nov 05 2015
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: November 5, 2015

Everything is just seeming to pop right now--the colors, the fresh air, the flavors of fall produce and the wines on our shelves right now. It's possible this is our favorite time of year; we're pairing this week's recipes with two of our favorite wines. 

Recipe: Baked Fish and Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic from Epicurious

Pair with: Hatzidakis Assyrtiko Santorini 2013 ($17)

From one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world comes this intense, salty, citrusy Assyrtiko. The variety is known for keeping up high acidity even as it ripens in the hot Mediterranean sun on black volcanic soils to considerably high sugar levels (which, post-fermentation, means high alcohol levels). Haridimos Hatzidakis is one of the most admired producers on the island, respected for his organic viticulture and ability to produce wines that boast power as well as freshness. He also contracts with other organic growers on the island to help them commercially produce wines at a high quality level. This wine, in all its sea-breeze-y glory, is a natural fit for fresh, briny seafood prepared with herbs, olive oil and garlic. The high acidity is like a big squeeze of lemon over the fish.  

Recipe: Black Rice Salad with Butternut Squash and Pomegranate Seeds from Sunset

Pair with: Guimaro Ribeira Sacra Mencia 2013 ($21)

Pedro Rodriguez's label, Guimaro, means "rebel" in the local dialect. He's a rebel indeed, working by hand these steep, slate slopes that others in the area are abandoning. His style is fresh, alive, invigorating, and like a tall glass of water, his wines seem to pair with everything. We love the current of acidity running through dark, earthy fruit that mirrors the pop of tart-ness in the pomegranates speckling dark, earthy black rice. 


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