Posted: Oct 20 2015
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: October 22, 2015

All the pretty colors and the glowing autumn light outside are mirrored in our food and drink this week...

Recipe: Fennel and Endive Salad with Pomegranate Seeds and Walnuts from Martha Stewart

Pair with: Terćić Ribolla Gialla Colli Goriziano 2012 ($30)

Gialla means "yellow" in Italian, and true to form the Ribolla Gialla variety is prized for its yellow-y apple, mango and apricot notes. Here's a bit more about the grape, if you like. We drank this northern Italian lover from Matijaž Terćić most recently at Sunday School last week and fell head over heels all over again for the strangely, slightly stinky, sour apple fruit that eventually warmed into spicy, anise-seed aromatics with a tight, taut line of acidity. Here, that matches right up with the fresh fennel and sour pomegranate seeds while the body feels weighty and textural enough to read "fall."

Recipe: Beef and Sweet Potato Chili from Spicy Southern Kitchen

Pair with: Casa Agricola HMR Varal Tinto 2013 ($11)

This recipe is so out-of-control delicious and warming and hearty and happy. It's even healthy--but we don't have to talk about that. The grapes in the blend are Portuguese classics Aragonez, Trincadeira, and Alfrocheiro from the Alentejano region. What? You've never heard of those? Never mind. The wine is full, fruity, a little spicy, overall just as delicious and warming and hearty and happy as the chili, without too much tannin to clash with the hot pepper flakes. 


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