Posted: Oct 13 2015
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: October 15, 2015

Is this the final hurrah of warm weather?! While we sweat it out for a few last days, the light is changing, and the sun's setting sooner, moving us toward autumn cravings like Brussels sprouts... and bacon! 

Recipe: Sautéed Brussels Sprout Slaw with Sweet Peppers from Food & Wine

Pair with: Albert Mann Cuvée Albert Riesling Alsace 2013 ($32)

Have you ever heard of the "petrol" note in Rieslings? It's a signature of this versatile grape, and it can express itself in aromas like plastic pool toy, new shower curtain, Vaseline, freshly opened can of tennis balls.... If this sounds strange and off-putting, rest assured it's a "classic" note that wine lovers come to crave especially in aged Rieslings. This honeyed beauty from the Albert Mann estate in Alsace has just enough of it alongside loads of jasmine, orange blossom, ripe stone fruit and golden delicious apple flavors. The petrol lends a perfect bit of funk to the sulfuric notes of the Brussels sprouts (another "smells kind of bad, but in a good way..." food), while the tiny touch of almost-sweetness in the Riesling compliments the sweetness of the peppers. 

Recipe: Basil-Stuffed Chicken Breasts from Food & Wine

Pair with: Elderton Shiraz Barossa Valley 2012 ($25)

Goodbye punched-up-with-freshness summer, hellllooooo bacon-is-my-friend fall! This recipe straddles the line perfectly with just enough of a fresh kick from the basil and lemon coupled with just enough of a hearty, salty savoriness from the bacon and butter. We like diving into richer reds with the notes of the latter, and Syrah is an ideal choice thanks to its tendency to veer towards meaty, even bacon-like notes. This one from a heritage Australian vineyard planted in the late 1800s (OLD vines lend MAD complexity!) also plays off the basil in our recipe, as Aussie Shiraz (same grape; different names based on where it's grown) typically boasts a wee bit of a menthol/eucalyptus swoosh since the area is covered with the local gum trees! There's plenty of acidity here to keep the wine awake, though, and to cut through the fat of the butter and bacon. Cheers, mate.


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