Posted: Oct 01 2015
by: Kamaria Ousley

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CSA Box Pairings: October 1, 2015

Have you noticed?? It's starting to get dark hella early. Some house in our neighborhood just hung bloody sheets in their windows with "HELP" scrawled all over them. (WTF?! Ohhh, Halloween. Heh. Heh?) Rosé sales have plummeted and earthy reds are getting a lot more play around here. Sunday afternoons at the shop have gone from swarming busy to barely buzzing, pretty much perfectly reflecting NFL kick-off times. 

It's a good time to cozy into some autumn earthy funk--both in your recipes and your wine pairings. We're easing you in with some accessible but slightly savory, spicy goodies this week...

Recipe: Prosciutto with Persimmon, Pomegranate and Arugula from Epicurious 

Pair with: AM/FM Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County 2013 ($26)

Matthew Kaner is a dear friend of ours--a former colleague of Josiah's down at Silverlake Wine in LA and now proprietor of his own great places. He's a real unambitious type (we kid) so is also now making his own awesome wines from Santa Barbara County. This AM/FM Pinot Noir is everything we want in the early fall: just over-ripe red fruit with a warm undercurrent of soft, rich earth and some drying leaves. It's completely comforting next to the salty-sweet salad. 

Recipe: Crabcakes with Curry-Mayonnaise and Apple Salad from Food & Wine

Pair with: Bernard Fouquet Cuvée de Silex Vouvray 2014 ($21)

Oh myyyy this recipe is so good. It's like summer sprinkled with tiny touches of October by way of the curry spice and apples. Exactly the same thing is happening in this wine. It's like fresh Granny Smith apples that were left out on the counter for a few hours and then sprinkled with ginger and honey dust. Bernard Fouquet has quickly escalated to become one of the most talked-about producers in Vouvray, an area of France's Loire Valley that's known for white wines from Chenin Blanc that range from sparkling to dry to off-dry to lusciously sweet. This one's technically dry but has the slightest dusting of honey that makes it interesting up against lots of tart acidity. 


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