Posted: Aug 06 2015
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: August 6, 2015

The sweet smells and tastes of summer are running it right now. Everything is super ripe, juicy, heady and luscious. We're taking advantage of the cantaloupe, the fresh salmon that Josiah's out catching today, and the endless run of tomatoes (we have extra in our garden if you need any!). 

Remember that next Thursday we will be in Australia, so the shop will be closed, and Capay Valley Farm Shop will communicate to you your options for a different pickup or holding your box while we're away. Happy vacation!

Recipe: Salmon with Cantaloupe and Fried Shallots from Food & Wine

Pair with: Banyan Gewurztraminer Monterey County 2014 ($11)

You've heard the story of Kenny Likitprakong here before. We adore him, and his wines are killing it. Banyan is his label of all aromatic white varieties, and this Gewurztraminer is simply way too delicious to be $11. Still, $11 it is. Forget what you know about Gewurz being flabby, sloppy, sticky with perfume and overbearing. This one pops with fresh roses and lychee, sure, as it should... but it also stays awake and lighthearted on your palate. There's acidity there in a way that's difficult to manage with Gewurz. And there's a sense of playfulness, which is all Kenny. He never takes himself or his wines too seriously, even as he makes serious wines worthy of our attention. The intense aromatics here play off the pungency of the fish sauce, lime and horseradish in the salmon recipe, while the weight of Gewurztraminer stands right up to the dense meat of the salmon. 


Recipe: Crispy Pancetta, Burrata and Tomato Sandwiches from Epicurious

Pair with: Thibaud Boudignon Rosé de Loire 2014 ($24)

Boudignon: So Hot Right Now. Sommeliers and wine-y folk can't get enough of the Boudignon wines--especially his old vine Chenin Blancs. But this rosé (which his importer has called "crunchy and explosive!") is the slightly under-the-radar nugget designed to drink now, and drink often. We love the density of the Cabernet Franc grape, souped up with ripe raspberry, roasted green pepper and clay notes, alongside this ultra creamy-oozy-salty take on BLTs. The pancetta in your recipe is crunchy, and that burrata is explosive! Just like the wine. 


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