Posted: May 12 2015
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: May 14, 2015

Woooohoo! Emily Towe from the awesome, envelope-pushing and adventure-seeking J. Brix winery is coming to pour her and her husband's wines this Thursday night! These guys make wines in a minimalist fashion, just letting their grapes do the damn thang. The results are unexpected yet delicious, thought-provoking yet playful, irreverent yet soulful. We're pairing two of Emily's wines up with two recipes for this week's CSA box contents... 

Recipe: Pickled Spring Onions from Serious Eats

Pair with: J. Brix Nullius in Verba Amphora Pinot Gris 2013 ($35)
Emily and her husband Jody write fantastically and convey their wines perfectly, so here are their words on this nugget o' fun: 

What happens when you:

1. Obtain a clay amphora-shaped vessel;
2. Line it with raw beeswax;
3. Ferment whole-cluster pinot gris inside it for 155 days;
4. Press the must and return the wine to the vessel for further aging; and
5. Let it hang out in bottle for a year or so?

This. Nullius in Verba: the motto of the Royal Society, creators of the scientific method: Facts can be determined only through experimentation. Take no one's word for it. See for yourself.

The facts about this wine: It is orange to the tune of electric Tang. It changes from moment to moment. It requires the willingness to shift your expectations. Tannic, light, powerful, fresh; contradictory at all turns. Nullius in Verba is a wine of method; an experiment. The facts it determines in the future, as in all things vinous, will be individually unique and true to each person who tastes it. It is a full sensory experience that takes you out of your everyday; don't we all need a little experimentation every now and then?
17 cases produced.

We like the way there's a certain tang (and Tang) to this wine and to your pickles here. Plus, both the recipe and the wine are the result of a little playing around in the kitchen...

Recipe: Lettuce-Wrapped Fish from The New York Times

Pair with: J. Brix Cobolorum Pet-Nat Riesling 2014 ($27) 

Straight from the source:

Here, we present to you, the Naughty Goblin Bubbles in their second incarnation. As is often the case with the second child, this one is inherently sneakier than the first. It's delicious as all get-out, but it is going to be so happy to meet you that it will want to jump out of the bottle and tell you so. In order to diffuse the effusive (a bit, anyway), there are a few rules you need to know before you pop the cap:

  1. Chill it. CHILL IT. CHILL IT GOOD. As long as possible in the coldest recesses of the refrigerator; and then perhaps in an ice-and-water bath for an hour before opening.
  2. Open it over the sink, or a lawn, or patio; anywhere you won't grumble about having to wipe up extra effusiveness.
  3. Have a glass in hand when you open it, and one on standby for the next pour.
  4. Embrace the cloud of delicious.

This bottle-conditioned, unfined, unfiltered, undisgorged, no-sulfites-added sparkling Riesling is all kinds of fun. Folks already love naturally cloudy and fizzy kombucha, beer, and cider; why shouldn't wine be the next frontier? Be on the forefront!
37 cases produced.

We picked this baby to pair with our fish because bubbles have elegance written all over them... this one's a bit naughty, sure, but it still looks and tastes classy as all get-up in your glass. The high acidity and sparkle also happens to cut nicely through the buttery richness of your fish. Giddy up!


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