Posted: May 07 2015
by: Kamaria Ousley

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CSA Box Pairings: May 7, 2015

Who can even tell what season it is in California these days? One day we're at 85 degrees; a couple days later it's freezing cold and now sprinkling rain. Our produce is also in a strange, delicious in-between world: collard greens, new baby potatoes, oranges, blueberries... That's okay, we're enjoying the bounty nonetheless and have some tasty recipes at the ready:

Recipe: Littleneck clams with new potatoes and spring onions from Bon Appétit

Pair with: Bosinakis Moschofilero Mantinia 2013 ($15)
Mo-sko-FEE-lair-o! This Greek variety is known for richly floral and even slightly spicy aromatics along with a pleasurable juiciness and fresh acidity. It's pretty high intensity, which matches up with the intensity of the chorizo in this dish and the brine from the clams. Plus, it's from a husband and wife winemaking team in Greece, where it seems they know a thing or two about seafood, being pretty much surrounded by water and all. "What grows together goes together," as they say. 

Recipe: Hanger Steak with Orange-Oregano Chimichurri from Bon Appétit

Pair with: Ferruggini Bolgheri 2012 ($20) 
The creation of the Italian DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) of Bolgheri was a game-changer. It marked a relaxing on the part of the Italian authorities--who are extremely proud of their native varieties and local wine styles--by allowing international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot into their "controlled origin" (DOC) wines. In the case of today's featured Ferruggini Bolgheri, the blend is mostly Sangiovese (sour cherry fruit and Italian herbal notes with BIG acid and BIG tannins) finished off with a dose of Cabernet Sauvignon to add richness and a touch of full, black-fruited body. The result is a mother of a wine, big and bold yet snapped into shape by focusing acidity. The oregano in the chimichurri mimics that herb's undercurrents in the Sangiovese, while the brightness of the orange zest is highlighted by the bright acidity in that grape. Then, the dark Cabernet stands its ground along the steak. 


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