Posted: Apr 16 2015
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: April 16, 2015

Spring is in full swing and we have some lovely goodies in our boxes to prove it. Peas and carrots might seem a little elementary, but this recipe from Food & Wine definitely makes the grade. And Bon Appétit delivers with a spicy/fresh remix of collard greens.

Recipe: Crisp chicken thighs with peas and carrots from Food & Wine 

Pair with: Scholium Project Blowout Sparkling Napa 2014 ($24)

Scholium Project, the progressive and experimental winemaking project from former Greek philosophy professor Abe Schoener, blows this sparkling wine out of the park. The bubbles are a fun, not-too-serious blend of Verdelho and Grüner Veltliner inspired by a trip to the blow-dry salon. Fried foods pair fantastically with bubbles, which cut through the oil while the bright acidity keeps your palate feeling fresh. This wine is so springy and bouncy with just a slight touch of herbal green notes that it contributes lightness to the softly sweet peas and carrots.


Recipe: Collard greens salad with ginger and spicy seed brittle from Bon Appétit

Pair with: Marco de Bartoli Rosso Sicily 2012 ($27)

This Sicilian wine is made from the indigenous grape Pignatello. Don't fret if you've never heard of it. What's more important is that it's made by Marco de Bartoli, a hugely respected Marsala producer. Marsala is a dessert wine, but this little nugget is the house's still, red table wine--nothing technically dessert-y about it. Nevertheless, we can't help but find a slight nuttiness alongside bold, full-bodied and dried blackberry and cherry notes. These flavors play off the sweet/spicy seed brittle while delicate tannins don't overwhelm the greens. 


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