Posted: Jun 08 2016
by: Delia Sie

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CSA Box Pairings: June 9, 2016

A wine for hedonists and a wine for thought? This Thursday, we've got a lineup to fit the needs of both categories. We are featuring a floral, peachy Viognier, saved from extinction by winemaker Francois Villard. For the brainy folks who enjoy new flavors and less conventional winemaking, we've got a Gamay Rosé from Minimus. Try both with these fantastic recipes! $10 for a taste of both wines. 

Recipe: Grilled Apricots Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Pistachios from Serious Eats

Pair with: Villard Les Contours de Deponcins Viognier Condrieu ($30)

If you like flowers and stone fruits, Viognier may be your new best friend. At some point, this perfumed and full bodied grape was going extinct because not enough producers paid attention to it. Syrah was on all the Northern Rhone winemakers' minds. But a few producers hadn't forgotten about this classic. Francois Villard, who was originally a chef before getting sucked into the wine world, saw the potential of Viognier to make a comeback. Through careful attentive practices, he drew much-deserved attention back to this distinctive and classic grape of this region.

We thought such a hedonistic recipe for apricots grilled with goat cheese and topped with crunchy pistachios deserve nothing less than this unapologetically floral and richly indulgent bottle.

Recipe: Grilled Summer Squash Tacos from Mountain Mama Cooks 

Pair with: Minimus Gamay Rosé Jubilee Vineyard Oregon 2014 ($26)

For Minimus, winemaking isn't just science; it's a good bit of art, too. Chad and Jessica Stock make their wines with a whole lotta curiosity and the desire to create wines that aren't just good to drink but worthy of intrigue and contemplation. "What would happen if..." often precedes their winemaking process. So naturally, their wines emerge fun and original in style, perfect for pairing with a new take on summer squashes and tacos. In this case, the greener vegetal qualities of Gamay complements the greenness of the squash, cilantro, and lime. The fruity red fruited qualities of the wine add a good bit of pizazz to your life. And because it's not a red wine but a rosé, you won't be drowning out the flavors of this light dish. 


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