Posted: Apr 02 2015
by: Kamaria Ousley

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CSA Box Pairings: April 2, 2015

Spring is in full swing, and we've got strawberries and blood oranges (heh! and asparagus, obviously!) in our boxes to prove it. Aunt Martha wins again with this delicious sea bass and blood orange recipe, and our buddies at Food & Wine deliver a spicy and sweet punch with fajitas topped with strawberry jalapeño salsa.

Recipe: Sea Bass with Blood Oranges and Olives from Martha Stewart

Pair with: Sigalas Assyrtiko Santorini Greece 2014 ($26)

Assyrtiko is a white grape indigenous to the island of Santorini, Greece (think sun-bleached white buildings, vivid blue sea and almost uninterrupted sunshine). The island's ancient vines were cultivated on black volcanic soil and have completely escaped the phylloxera epidemic (phylloxera is a nasty root louse that destroys vines and ravaged most of the world's vineyards at different points in history). Paris Sigalas is the benchmark producer on the island, and his wine is racing with acidity, volcanic minerality and a little salty-lemon brine. Yep, the perfect representation of the Mediterranean and a perfect match to sea bass with citrus. 


Recipe: Turkey Breast Fajitas with Strawberry Jalapeño Salsa from Food & Wine

Pair with: Precedent Zinfandel Contra Costa County California 2013 ($25)

Precedent is most definitely "jammin' on the one" with this Zinfandel coming from the Evangelho vineyard--one of the GREAT heritage vineyard sites left in California; these vines were planted in 1890! This Zinfandel is bold and luscious yet has wisdom and soul. The stewy notes of strawberry jam, dark chocolate and dried currants play fantastically with the strawberries in the salsa, while Zinfandel's softer tannins don't get in the way of the japaleño spice. And last but not least, the lil' bit of sweet-spicy oak used on the wine play up the cinnamon and cumin in the turkey's spice rub. 


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