Posted: May 31 2016
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: June 2, 2016

Know why we offer up these weekly recipe pairings and offer a tasting with the wines we suggest? Because figuring out original ideas for what the HECK to do with more and more and more carrots every single bloody week is important so that you don't get bored or throw the things out. And because knowing what to drink with that carrot stir-fry is perhaps even more important (we have our priorities in line). Knowledge is power! Here's to the continued carrot onslaught. May you be bountiful in vitamin K. 

Recipe: Rainbow Carrot Stir-Fry from The New York Times

Pair with: Boundary Breaks Riesling No. 239 Finger Lakes 2014 ($21)

To be perfectly honest with you, nothing packs more sheer refreshment potential than a good Riesling. The grape's wicked acidity just whisks your palate clean like nothing else can, while a bit of ripe fruitiness or even a tiny touch of true sweetness can provide a mouthwatering sense of balance that only lemonade can typically deliver. Except, lemonade doesn't have any alcohol in it. Too bad, lemonade; at the end of a long Thursday, sometimes we need a little somethin' somethin'. Riesling also thrives in cold climates (which is why the Finger Lakes in upstate New York makes sense for it), which makes for resulting low-alcohol wines. That means when the heat kicks in and all you want to cook is a two-minute stir-fry packed with crispy vegetables, you can gulp this kind of Riesling and keep cool. Boundary Breaks is an exceptional vineyard site located on the east side of Seneca Lake that's turning out one thing and one thing only: Riesling. Oh, you're afraid of a little sweetness? Don't worry; this one has less than 1 gram of residual sugar... not even enough for you to taste!

Recipe: A Tagine of Lamb with Apricots from Nigel Slater in The Telegraph

Pair with: Domaine Rimbert Les Travers de Marceau St. Chinian 2014 ($21) 

Whoa, mama, this tagine packs a punch with loads of spices as well as salty, sour and sweet fruits vying for attention alongside lamb's signature gaminess. A powerful dish like this calls for a powerful wine to stand alongside it, and organic producer Domaine Rimbert in France's Languedoc region more than delivers. This full-on wine is almost equal parts meaty Mourvèdre, spicy Syrah and sassy Carignan... each variety contributing its signature characteristics to make the wine as a whole an ideal mate for meaty, spicy yet tart tagine. 


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