Posted: Mar 12 2015
by: Stevie Stacionis

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The Heavy Pet Nat Zoo is Coming!

The Heavy Pet Nat Zoo?!
What on Earth...?

You're invited to come find out on Saturday, March 21, from 5-9pm!


We figured the weekend of the spring equinox, about seven months into our tenure, was a pretty good time to throw a wild party. We figured it should involve bubbly(obviously) and a gaggle of our favorite California winemakers (for spirit!). And that we should make T-shirts!

So: it's happening.

The wines will all be pétillant natural, a distinct (and, yes, wild) style of sparkling wines where the primary fermentation's bubbles (made of carbon dioxide, a bi-product of alcoholic fermentation) are trapped inside the bottle. The yeast never really get to finish off all of the sugars in the grape juice, so you're left with a just barely off-dry wine, typically also with lots of acidity and a soft, playful sparkle. The wines are literally alive in the bottle and can be, well, boisterous upon opening. We affectionately call the wines "pet nats"--hence our playful reference to a petting zoo. 

As for the winemakers pouring, these guys and gals make serious, age-worthy and compelling wines under their main labels... but, as evidenced by their pet nats, they also know how to have a little fun. Their willingness to experiment with a crazy style of sparkling whose bottles sometimes literally explode in the cellar is a testament to the way California winemaking is pushing the envelope. We can promise you we're all going to have some good, wild fun next Saturday. 

We hope you come party with us!

When: Saturday, March 21, 5:00-9:00pm
Cost: $25 at the door to taste all six wines and meet the winemakers
Also: Heavy Pet Nat Zoo T-shirts on sale for $15!


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