Posted: May 25 2016
by: Delia Sie

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CSA Box Pairings: May 26, 2016

Summer squashes are here! This means we're busting out more summer wines like Muller Thurgau from Alto Adige. And for butterball potato lovers, we've got a saucy recipe that won't disappoint. To go with it, we're doing a surprising Tempranillo that's nothing like Rioja. Come by and try both for $10.

 Recipe: Marinated Grilled Zucchini Feta and Huckleberries from Martha Stewart

Pair with: Erste and Neue Muller Thurgau Sutirol Alto Adige 2015 ($17)

Summer squashes (or zucchini) don't have to be one dimensional! If you grill them and top them off with salty bites of feta and sweet and sour huckleberries, you've got yourself an accidentally fancy weekend lunch! Invite a few friends over and crack open this bottle of Muller Thurgau from Sutirol in Trentino of Northern Italy.

If you've never had it, Muller Thurgau is a cross between Madeleine Royale and the Germans' beloved Riesling. But no, this wine is not sweet! Instead it's got great acidity, citrus zestiness, stoney minerality, and the scent of flowers. It goes happily with summer squashes, backyard patios and light veggie dishes. Add this to your list of go-to summer wines! 

Recipe: Dark Soy Sauce Chicken with Potato from Cuisine Paradise

Pair with: Cauzon 15 Carbonicus Tempranillo Spain 2015 ($21) 

Wowza! Did these guys actually plant grapes 1200 meters above sea level? Why, yes they did. Ramon Saavedra knows that the high mountain air keeps his vineyard nice and clean so he takes it easy on the addition of sulfur. The resulting Tempranillo is completely different than the rich and oaky Tempranillos from Rioja. Instead, we're dealing with a wine with amazing acidity, a fresh fruit forward personality and just enough tannins to not overwhelm chicken wings while not falling short of the umami rich soy sauce base of this dish. This dish and this wine together will make you wonder why you ever eat anything else as comfort food. Make yourself a side of rice or silky egg noodles to sop up the sauce and you are in heaven!


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