Posted: Apr 28 2016
by: Delia Sie

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CSA box pairings: April 28, 2016

German sparkling riesling and old Southern French vines surrounded by wild herbs! This week's wines and CSA veggies will knock your socks off! 

Recipe: Strawberry Torte from Martha Stewart

Pair with: Leitz Dragonstone Riesling Sekt Rheingau 2014 ($25)

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this torte that's as pretty as it's yummy. To go with the delicate creaminess and tart sweetness of these strawberries, we stayed away from overly yeasty sparkling wines. Instead, we opted for this clean and refreshing sparkling riesling from Rheingau, Germany.

This small region runs along the Rhein river flowing from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea. Under the direction of Johannes Leitz, the family's estate has gained quite a lot of attention for good reason. They work the vines and harvest by hand on extremely steep slopes of Rüdesheimer Berga south-facing hillside composed of old slate and quartz. It's the easiest thing you can possibly drink on a hot day with strawberry torte and some friends. 


RecipeCipollini Onions Braised in Red Wine Sauce from Food Network

Pair with: Chateau du Grand Caumont Corbieres 2012 ($18)

These onions are a nice trick to have up your sleeve to serve beside a steak or a gamey bird. To match these tender and sweet cipollini onions and whatever gamey dish you serve with it, we turn to Southern France for our wine. Chateau du Grand Caumont is located in Corbieres in Languedoc-Rousillon. Herbs and local wildflowers cover the entire hill overlooking the Mediterranean. As the winds blow through the fields of wild vegetation and through the vineyards, herbaceous flavors are imparted on the grapes as they grow. Since you'd season your dishes with herbs, its a no-brainer to pick up a bottle of wine already hinting at those flavors. This wine speaks to the terroir-driven and the earthy-wine-loving.



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