Posted: Nov 23 2014
by: Stevie Stacionis

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Christmas Tree Decoration Donations for the East Bay College Fund

We're suuuuuuper excited about the holiday season around here. We got a brand new, adorable little fireplace (!!) for the shop and are contemplating how big of a Christmas tree to plop down in here next week. 

For us, the holiday season is also tightly linked with giving back: helping others, building up our city and growing a more positive, engaged community. So we thought up a really a fun way to donate to a local organization...

This year, we'd like you to help us decorate our tree. We're supplying the materials for you to design an ornament--clear bulbs, cloth, yarn, burlap and other crafty bits. You donate $5, then dive into the craft box to assemble your own unique tree ornament. Hang it up on our tree, and help make Oakland even more awesome and beautiful. All proceeds from the ornaments go to the East Bay College Fund


About the East Bay College Fund

East Bay College Fund helps resilient public school students who are under-represented in higher education access and succeed in college, expanding their life opportunities.

East Bay College Fund aspires to involve the whole community in providing college access services, scholarships, mentoring, and support networks to assist these young people in realizing their full potential.

Every year, 200,000 low-income, college-capable high school students graduate and do not pursue a college education. 

Studies have shown that college graduates typically earn over 60% more income, a lifetime earning potential of $1.0 million more than high school graduates. In addition to making a change in generational poverty, this investment in our youth helps create a stronger talent pool that attracts businesses and investors to the area, an increased tax base, and more buying power in the local community. Further costs associated with programs addressing poverty, crime, unemployment and health are lowered.

Lack of awareness of financial aid options and scholarships reinforces the problem of affordability; most low-income students come from families/communities where no one in their community attended college. 50-75% of low-income students do not apply for aid or loans and/or do not attend financial aid information sessions. For those students who do manage to enroll, excessive workload and unmanageable debt levels often lead to drop-out and long-term financial risk. Total work and loan burden for low-income families is estimated at over $8,000 per year for public 4-year colleges, totaling nearly one-third of family income.

East Bay College Fund, through our comprehensive programs, aims to be a vital leader changing the demographic of who earns a college degree. Building on our successes—guiding Oakland students through four-year college, reaching our impact goals in college access and utilizing our college graduates to give back to the community, we are paving a clear pathway from high school through college and out of generational poverty.


  • What a great idea! So proud of you for always thinking of others.

    Posted by Debbie Stacionis on November 26, 2014

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