Posted: Nov 04 2014
by: Stevie Stacionis

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THE Holiday Mixed Case of 2014

Listen. This time of year, people either start freaking out with holiday anxiety, or they get really excited about their favorite time of the year, or there's a giddy-jittery sensation of all those feelings at once. The solution for all of it is WINE. 

Setting the mood. Welcoming guests. Calming nerves. Going out of the way. Going crazy. Gifting. Getting. Guzzling. 

We've chosen one perfect bottle for every occasion. We can nearly guarantee that any ordinary person will easily move through an entire case in the next two months, but in case you don't, fret not--wine won't spoil for a good long time, so you've got all the rest of the winter, the coming spring and following summer to enjoy each special bottle in due time. 

These wines are considerably discounted (even beyond our standard 10% case discount) when you take the whole case at $298, and honestly, every single selection is extraordinary in its category. Snap up THE Holiday Mixed Case 2014 here while supplies last!

(click the image below to view the full PDF)

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