Posted: Apr 20 2016
by: Delia Sie

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CSA Box Pairings: April 21, 2016

Learn a thing or two from two grapes that keep their cool in hot weather. One is a resilient and bold Sicilian local, and the other is a vibrant chameleon worthy of Spanish nobility. For just $10, you can try them both! 

Recipe: Asparagus with Scallops Browned Butter and Prosciutto from Food and Wine

Pair with: Paolo Cali Blues Grillo Sicily 2014 ($18)

When eating scallops drenched in warm toasty butter, drink this fuller, yet elegant Sicilian classic. Paolo Cali's grapes are grown in limestone-rich clay 350 meters above sea level. While non-indigenous grapes would be ruined under such hot Sicilian sunshine, Grillo feels right at home and retains a good bit of acidity. The proximity to sea gives the wine a bit of salinity which goes fantastically with shellfish and seafood. The grapes spend some time macerating on its skins and the wine ends up with just a bit more richness to compliment the flavorful scallops. 

Instead of avoiding the hot weather, embrace the sun like these grapes do! 

Recipe: Stir-Fried Beef and Sugar Snap Peas from New York Times

Pair with: Raspay Primitivo Quiles Reserva Spain 2008 ($22)

If you're looking for a quick flavorful weeknight meal, try this simple stir-fry! The dish is slightly sweetened from a splash of Madeira, umami-rich from its dark soy sauce coating, and fresh with the accompaniment of crunchy snap peas from your CSA. A trusty recipe calls for a trusty wine so we turn to a grape that's loved in many countries. 

Some call it Monastrall. Some call it Mourvedre. And others call it Alicante. Regardless, you'll love this grape for all its plummy fruity glory and just the right amount of tannins softened by time spent aging. The regal label is also no accident. In fact, this wine was served to the King of Spain in 1976 during his first visit as a king to Alicante. It's been forty years and the producers have yet to chance their label because of how traditional they are. If you're skeptical of royalty's tastes, come try it out for yourself! 


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