Posted: Jul 15 2014
by: Stevie Stacionis

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One month. One month. One month...

If we're in the trust tree (with the nest), we'll say this: Opening a business is hard. Really, really hard. Frequently scream-and-throw-things-and-cry-in-a-heap-on-the-floor hard. No one tells you this until you're smack in the middle of it, which is, as it turns out, for the best: Had you known what you were getting yourself into, odds are you wouldn't have taken the plunge. This is not a blog for lamenting or venting or crying, however, which is why there have not been more posts in the last two months. 

Instead, onto the positives! We have all of our permits! We finished our plumbing! We have a beautiful new floor thanks to our beautiful designer, Sarah-mazing! We have a stunning new sign thanks to our stunning sign painter, Derek McDonald! Our opening wine list is settled, and we're onto tasting beers and sodas. We are learning more about cheeses and soliciting baguette bakers. We're talking about a living wall, and we're cleaning up our backyard. We're installing cove base and shelving and counter space, our communal table, toilet paper dispenser, hand sink and mop sink. We're running to Home Depot, the ABC, the City permit counter, the Health Department, our accountant's office, back to Home Depot, to the ABC again, to the tile outlet, to the neighborhood group meeting, the stamp shop, the paper supply store, the bank, the restaurant supply outlet... and Home Depot again. Repeat.

But guess what? It's happening!

So, when, WHEN? you ask. "One month," we continue to say. "One month," we promise ourselves. "One month," we reiterate even when work piles up and no one else seems interested in progressing as quickly. We are busy every day, every night, and the moments in between. We cannot wait to see you and share stories. Please come see us soon. It's ALL going to be worth it!

Mountains of praise and thanks to those who have leant a hand here and there, or those who have dropped us notes of encouragement, materials, meals, wine, smiles and hugs. We cannot say thank you enough. 

See y'all in one month, right?


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