Posted: Mar 03 2016
by: Stevie Stacionis

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CSA Box Pairings: March 3, 2016

WOOOHOO! Asparagus is HERE! We're so giddy about the glories of California in early March...

Recipe: Sautéed Aspragus with Lemon from Martha Stewart

Pair with: Maître-de-Chai Sauvignon Blanc Herron Vineyard Sonoma Valley 2014 ($30)

Pretty much nothing says California love like a juicy, citrusy and stone-fruity Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc. The grape's natural tiny touch of green grassiness compliments the sweet green notes in the asparagus like a charm. This one is from our dear friends Alex, Martin and Stephanie in their shiny new Maître-de-Chai project. Alex comes from Scholium Project so knows a tiny bit about what he's doing with the winemaking here, and his experience shows in crafting a wine that sings out with California fruit yet keeps freshness in the forefront.

Recipe: The Best Spinach Lasagna from Serious Eats

Pair with: Fuso Barbera Colli Tortonesi NV ($15)

Lasagna is like the go-to, amazing Italian dish that everybody loves. Barbera is like the go-to, amazing Italian wine that everybody loves. How can they not be happy together on the table? To get through our rainy weekend and the fat bundle of spinach in our boxes, we picked out a happy-go-lucky Italian red table wine designed for relaxed festivities. This one is from a little offbeat area in Piedmont--the Colli Tortonesi--that allows it to come at a stellar value. It's chock-full of sour cherry acidity to wipe your palate clean from the butter, cream and cheese in the lasagna but not so full or dark to make you wish your veggie lasagna had meat. You'll be left wanting for nothing!


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