Posted: Mar 09 2014
by: Stevie Stacionis

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Bay Grape Goes to the APNG!

Very big thanks to a few amazing souls with the City of Oakland for being hella kind, cool and helpful: Aubrey Rose (Planner), Lynette McElhaney (District 3 City Council Woman), Casey Farmer (D3 Community Liaison) and Hoang Banh (Neighborhood Services Coordinator). These people have been invaluable in helping us put together the pieces to get our official Conditional Use Permit application submitted last week! 

What does a "Conditional Use Permit application" mean? That means we've applied with the City to open our specific, unique business in our specific, unique location. The City wants to be sure that things like safety, economic development, pedestrian and traffic accessibility are preserved and even improved when new businesses open -- they're all good things that we believe in and want, too! The next step is a quick presentation at our local Adams Point Neighborhood Group meeting (we're down with APNG, yeah you know me…) so that we can officially introduce ourselves to our neighbors and field any questions or concerns. The meeting is April 3 at 6:30pm at the Bellevue Club, and you're invited! 

Even more fun, we're participating in the APNG third annual March Madness fundraiser on March 20! The party's at a great local bar, Room 389, from 6-8pm, and there's a raffle involved… and we've got a sweet little prize in there: a private, in-home wine class for up to eight guests! Holler. Come and get it! 

We will see you there, or we'll see you on another time...


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