Posted: Jan 26 2014
by: Stevie Stacionis

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What's happening at 376 Grand Avenue?

In the beginning, there was an empty space. It was half hidden behind a big red awning covered with graffiti. Brown kraft paper covered all of the windows, and it was easy to pass by without even noticing. One day, Stevie and Josiah walked by the space on their way to the farmers' market. A portion of the paper had fallen down, and they could see inside... the space was beautiful! It had high ceilings dotted with big skylights and big windows in the back as well as the front. There were pretty, pale pine wood floors and a short staircase leading up to a small mezzanine level in the back. 

"Great space for a wine shop," they quietly murmured to themselves as they carried on to the market...

A few fast, fun and furious months later, Stevie and Josiah signed a lease on the empty space. The big red awning came down to reveal gorgeous glass blocks and golden tile between a wood and brick facade. Between this facade and a fixer-upper of a backyard (there will be herbs! and vegetables! and vines!!) lies the beautiful blank space that we can't wait to turn into Bay Grape: your neighborhood wine shop and "general store" filled with products that tell a story and come from real people and families. 

Soon, a LOT will be happening at 376 Grand Avenue. Our space will get an HVAC to keep its products and people cool. It will get shelves and refrigerators to stock artisanal wine, beer, cheese, charcuterie and pickles. It will get a communal table and a counter to host winemaker-led tastings, CSA pick-ups, working freelancers during the day and friends and families at night. It will get permits and licenses and approval from our city to become not just a wine shop but a community gathering place where we can all share experiences, stories, skills and laughter. 

Stay tuned here for all the happenings, and we hope to see you soon!



  • Soo excited about Bay Grape!! We will see you for the opening.

    Posted by sylvia polanski on January 28, 2014

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